Buyer Guide

Do you need some useful property buyer guide? When comes to purchase new development in Singapore, you are strongly suggested to have a good idea about the country of Singapore, Singapore district guide, Singapore property market, Singapore growth areas, buying new project from developer and relevant topics.  buyer guide to invest property in Singapore

  1. Buy new project from developer: the complete sales and purchase process for a buyer to buy new property in Singapore..
  2. Why Singapore: is Singapore an unique country worthing property investment?
  3. Singapore distirct guide: understand the 28 different districts, how are Core Centre Region, Rest of Centre Region, Outside of Centre Region defined?
  4. Singpore growth areas: altought singapore is already a land-scarce country,  there are a group of growth areas driving by the Government master plan.
  5. Singapore property market: get to know Singapore residential, commercial and industrial property market and their interaction.
  6. Foreigner investors: what are the good points to invest in Singapore proeprty as a foreigner investor.
  7. Other relevant topics